A blast from the past

February 28, 2017 1:21 am

Received this email recently……………so lovely to hear from past couples so many years after the event!

Hi Pauline,

Just wanted to say hello 12 years later! and just post our twelfth anniversary.

You married my husband Peter & myself Mechele: November 13, 2004.

While we were scheduled to be married inside the front room of your home, when we asked (because it was such a nice day) if we could instead go outside, you kindly let us in to your beautiful backyard with the gorgeous coral tree.

We came across this printed photo today! 

Perhaps we should renew our vows with you in the future! 

Always interest from the family since we eloped and hired witnesses 🙂

It was still a special day for us, thanks


All the best


Home wedding/elopement

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