Celebrant compliment

July 19, 2016 7:29 am

Yes, dear blog readers……………I have been neglecting you! Holidays and then very busy on my return with new sign-ups etc. Hoping to do a regular post from now on.

Weddings are of course quieter in the winter months. Most couples still want to get married outdoors, which of course can be a little chilly! Had a gorgeous bride recently who had a lovely long white cape over her dress a la “Game of Thrones”. Perfect.

Her new mother in law gave me a lovely compliment at the ceremony…………she had attended a wedding I had conducted years before at Vaucluse House and said how much she enjoyed the ceremony and my delivery of same. Stylish was the word she used. She reported she had been to so many weddings where the celebrant thought they were the star and acted inappropriately. Came away feeling good 🙂

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