Weddings – standing in the sun

March 19, 2018 6:01 am

So yesterday was hideously hot in Sydney.  I was ever so pleased not to have a wedding booked in!  It is not often I say that.  The previous weekend was hot enough when I had to stand in the sun at 2.30pm.  Someone in their wisdom set up all the chairs for the guests in the shade, but the bridal party and I were in the sun.  Very difficult to keep looking fresh in those circumstances.  Luckily on Saturday when I conducted a wedding at Vaucluse House we were all in the shade.  So much better for so many reasons:


  1.  The guests and the bridal party and celebrant all feel more comfortable.
  2.   Wedding photography is better
  3.   Bride or groom not looking in the direction of the sun, therefore squinting

A no-brainer really 🙂


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