Who marries the wedding photographer?

February 25, 2016 5:54 am

Ciara & ChrisWell, that would be me some of the time! I have married quite a few over the years and it is such a thrill. busy wedding photographer sees a lot of celebrants in action, so it is indeed a great honour when we are asked to be part of such a moment.

This morning I had the delightful duty of conducting the wedding of Chris and Ciara. They had a “wedding” ceremony in Bali last year but today was the legal ceremony with their two grandmothers in attendance as they were unable to make the journey to Bali. So with the grandmothers, parents and siblings we wandered into a gorgeous setting for a private wedding in the park and did the deed. Back to to the family home across the road for a glass of French champagne and then they were all going off to a restaurant for lunch. What a lovely way to spend a summer’s Thursday.



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